Saturday, July 04, 2009

Here Comes Learning: Will Richardson Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach

Will Richardson / Sheryl Nussbaum Beach

Session Info

Will Richardson shared a video of a child trying to start a fire with a bow drill he made

What was interesting is that the child
  • understands how to use the internet – gets help - asks for help
  • doesn't show face or name, username is anonymous
  • he got a lot of responses

How did he know he would get a response?
How did people find him?
Learn with and from other people

He understands connecting and community

Sheryl -spoke about telementoring

learning from the wisdom of the crowd
pre-service teachers – set up virtual learning community (she used tapped-in)

  • from her own PLN – brought them in as mentors

wasn't mentorship as she thought – thought mentors would be knowledge givers, but it became a learning community – masters to masters, novices to masters, masters to novices, novices to novices

It's not about the tools – it's about the learning – but need an understanding of the tools
- how to change delivery of instruction to make use of what the tools have to offer
- greatest insight – urgency for change – kind of PD should be around managing change

what needs to change?

Will – if you are not feeling challenged as an educator you are not paying attention.
He quoted Shirkey – the ability we have right now is to form groups

We can form groups around our passions

  • a tectonic shift
  • use technology for collective action (e.g. Iran)

kids are using the technologies – but in reality – using in ways to socialize

  • friendship
  • interest based (like the bowdrill video)
  • millions of potential teachers for our kids – and kids are doing this without us
  • no adults teaching them how to use these technologies as contexts for learning in this world
  • need to be learners in these contexts – teachers need to take time to immerse themselves in these kinds of environments


  • help children to learn via their interests
  • teachers become co-learners (and will learn as much or more than the learners)
  • PD in 21st century needs to operate from connecting and collaborating
  • there are pockets of innovation – want to see better scalability
  • job embedded learning works
  • Teachers need to share from their expertise (out of diversity true innovation comes)
  • Linda Darling Hammond – we need to be learning collaboratively and on the job
  • need – no administrator left behind – they don't get pd – should be with teachers – learn together or with other administrators and superintendants
  • if you want best practice in PD – a team approach that meets several times / week
  • NSDC – teams
  • working in community – co-created content
  • The process of social learning that occurs when people who have a common interest in some subject or problem collaborate over an extended period of time to share ideas....
  • communities of practice – one of top ten jobs will be community instigator or community leader
  • social communities of practice – need to be designed so they evolve over time
  • what develops is co-created and collaborative with multiple opportunities for member feedback and ownership
  • The Scaling Framework (microsoft)
  • plp (personal learning portal) delivery model

Build in Workshops Webinars Virtual Learning Community

- become professional learning teams
- secret ingredient (build it on professional learning teams)
- champion building model

powerful learning practice

seek out schools willing to invest some time in exploring the challenge of 21st century

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