Friday, June 30, 2006

Conference Blogs

David Warlick has set up a new service: Hitchhikr People can register conferences, suggest tags and Hitchhikr finds all blog entries that use that tag. It's one stop conference reading and viewing as Flickr images are also available. It's not perfect - I looked at an entry and it had BLC in it but it was not the Alan November conference, but it is quite amazing that you can get everything in one place.

So.... if you are going to a conference please share through a blog. Don't forget to tag your entry You can check the tags at the Hitchhikr site and even get the code you need to enter into your blog. Then you can enter the the url of your blog and ping Technorati, again through the Hitchhikr site to be sure your entry is found.

I'll be at Building Learning Communities mid July and I'll be blogging.

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Friday, June 02, 2006

Games - capturing students' interests

Wow - I just visited Bud Hunt's blog and saw a student production on Othello. This student has combined his love of games with a class on Shakespeare. Talk about engagement! I am sure more work was done on this project than on a standard essay. Did he learn about Othello - yes. Did he make that learning his own? Unquestionably. Bravo to both the student and to Bud Hunt who provides a classroom where this is not only accepted but celebrated.