Saturday, December 03, 2005

I'm back

I took time off due to a variety of pulls on my life, but I have been listening to podcasts and reading blogs and felt I have to get back to reflecting and sharing, should anyone care to read this. I just finished listening to two webcasts from EdTechTalk #27 Back to Basics and to a conversation between David Warlick and Terry Freedman (show #25). The first thing I want to say is how generous these people are with their time and their knowledge. Many of us cannot get to conferences very often, but now I can listen to shows like these or to a variety of podcasts and hear what others are thinking and doing. If you are new to "Web 2.0" listen to the Back to Basics show. You will be introduced to new technologies. The show notes provide links for further reading. The conversation in show #25 provides a lot of food for thought. EdTechTalk is run by Dave Cormier (from PEI) & Jeff Lebow (from New Hampshire). This is actually a live show that is archived. Hosts and guests in the webcast participate via a Skype conference. Others can join by taking part in the chat room. It's not quite face to face, but it does give you real time access to some of the innovative people involved in exciting educational uses of technology - with education being what counts!