Wednesday, January 13, 2010

K12 Online Echo

I am starting a new show at EdTechTalk, the K12 Online Echo. It will be held twice a month at the EdTechTalk studio. Guests will be drawn from the 2006-2009 conferences and will feature a representative sampling to target beginners, the technologically comfortable, administrators, teachers of students of different levels etc.

The first guest, on January 26 will be Jen Wagner whose 2009 presentation, If You Host It They Will Come will be streamed. There will be time for discussion, questions in the chat room, etc. This is a big leap for me, though I co-hosted Teachers are Talking in the past, technology changes and I have to get up to speed on newer ways of streaming.

It is wonderful to be part of a supportive community both at EdTechTalk and at K12 Online. I urge people to get involved in either organization. I am constantly learning, challenging my beliefs and building virtual friendships. It doesn't get much better.