Saturday, July 04, 2009

From Banned to Planned - Hall Davidson

Session information

Hall demonstrated cellphone use in a variety of ways

- students can text in opinions, answers...

Call an expert
Liz Kolb author of Toys to Tools from ISTE Liz' wiki

resource to share k12 projects

­One project she described:
(Dear Abby – in context of Romeo and Juliet)all assignments have been cellphone based – e.g. students taking on different roles. Students have taken ownership and come up with ideas (take on persona and call in)

Voicethread (can call in) - how teachers are using cell phones
Blogtalk Radio - listen to some back shows

The new 3Rs Rethink Rejuvenate Rename

New cell phones affect all aspects of kid's lives – music, video,camera,

Take the village to the child -

Students studying civics - come in to class – here are the numbers you should have.

  • e.g. supply the number to the planning commision


Fulfillment and self-actulalization
esteem and status
belong and social needs
safety and security
basic physiological needs

phone can fulfil all these needs (from bottom - order food, call for help, texting friends, ...)

Free speech – we are becoming the press, right to assemble (twitter mobs)

Banned in Iran – to stifle dissent and human rights – what is your school's excuse?

Challenge based learning

- call someone who picked or processed your food


  • lets you broadcast live from your cell phone
  • can embed in a blog or wiki, and put a place marker on a map
  • you can visit qik's from around the world

Sites to try

input and output device
can gather info – go to a database and then send it back


if you hear a song playing and hold up cell phone and get the data – who wrote and the title

CAOS living book

changes every 7 days - written in QR code - you need a bar code reader
qr code generator creates bar code - can use a bar code reader to go from site to site

You can read QR code - in Japan they are on buildings
bar code from a quiz
- to generate code:
just data – so data in has to be as good as data out - but can change the url if you make an error.


bought image recognition company

  • object recognition software

Vicki Davis -

determining mobile technologies for classroom use - when is it expedient - when should you use other tools (depends on students' mobile plans)

Need to have a good letter and rationale for parents.

Joe Fatheree

cell phones – snow day -a student created a video with his phone - led him to harness the power of the phones in his class.

used phones to speak, create, communicate

create a pathway to success – brainstorm with kids how you want to use the tools in the classroom

  • action plan
  • then sit with principal -
  • parents do a technology survey to find out limits to plan and if they are willing to let the device to be used in the classroom
  • Kids are showing how the mobiles can be used in the classroom.

Film on the Fly

  • mobile phone video challenge
  • writing prompt – send out text message
  • make a video – send it to YouTube

Handouts and powerpoint can be downloaded at Discovery Channel

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