Monday, February 18, 2013

A story with POP!

It has been fun to experiment with digital storytelling. I had fun with popcorn

A little story to share. But what did I learn - (thinking about digital literacy after today's talk by Doug Belshaw).

Be patient - skills learned before transfer to new situations. This was my cognitive aspect kicking in.
I wanted to communicate an idea.
There is definitely a cultural context.
I constructed a video before remixing it via popcorn
Definitely an ounce of creativity.
One part of the message was about friendship - a message about good citizenship - sharing a place where young and old play music together (and not in the video - CAMMAC functions in French and English and no one cares, or knows for that matter, whether you are a doctor or a secretary).
I was not afraid to get my digital fingers into the "pie" and mess around - a bit of confidence.
And sitting back I have a better idea of what popcorn can do - and will think critically about how it fits into what I want students doing.


  1. Hi Susan, really wanted to view your video but it says it's set to private?

  2. Should be fixed now - just shows the importance of communication (thanks for yours) and attention to every detail - now I need to think of another C - Careful especially in the context. - Looking for the details to virtually dot all the i's and cross all the t's.

  3. Great video Susan. Did you add the sound with Popcorn or add it when you made the original video before you added the popups. Liked the comments about digital literacy!

    1. I did the sound in iMovie. I didn't know you could add sound afterwards to Popcorn - or can you?

  4. Wow I really need to take a look at popcorn. I think I could use this in my instructional videos.

  5. Anonymous12:11 a.m.

    Loved it!!! The music really added a great touch as I just wanted to get out there. Also so cool to hear your voice in there. And the little comment boxes cracked me up

  6. Susan, lovely story. Plus the fact that I have learnt about Cammac. Simply lovely!