Monday, July 17, 2006

Will Richardson on wikis and blogs

Wikis are for content - blogs are for conversation.

pbwiki - peanut butter wiki

You need to know how to use the discussions the editing and history. You can find Will Richardson's wiki at To learn more about wikis click on the wiki section.

High School collaborative writing
All can contribute to specific articles. Teacher put in a template e.g. State your first reason, state your second reason, I...

You can use a wiki for projects that are much bigger than your classroom wikiville -
You can explore the other links from Will's site.

Can have a wiki only visible to members, only editable by members - there are various levels of security. Collaboration needs to be done assyncronously.
With pbwiki you have 1GB of space. We learned to create a wiki. pbwiki automatically has Google ads.
A wiki could be used as a portfolio.
Blogs are for conversations. - give you a media wiki with your blog. Media wiki is a little more powerful than pbwiki. pbwiki is looking for feedback from educators - so you can send in suggestions.

Blogs can be used for many purposes. The "blog snob" answer - to do something I can not do on paper. A different genre of writing - the ability to link and the ability to connect - Connected Writing. Blogging is intellectual sweat - about thinking. The real benefit of using a blog is to connect to others. If you really want to engage your ideas and the ideas of others and to start writing in depth - blogging is the way to go. Blogging does not start with writing. it starts with reading. Journalling starts with writing.
It is a process - read - thinking about what you are reading in one's own context. If it's important, create a post - here's what I read, here's what I think. and implicit in that is - give me feedback. Writing for an audience, making thinking transparent. A post may be a synthesis of a number of ideas. Will talked about having a real sense of ownership of his blog. If he is going to write a comment, he leaves a comment with the link to the full reflection on his blog.

Kuropatwa - scribe posts. His students are teaching others - they get more hits from outside the class than from within. - simple solution - wordpress blogs

The workshop went on creating a blog with nlcommunities. This is a nice software. If you want other teachers to post to your blog, they have to be members of nlcommunities. Once they are members, you can create a group block with multiple authors. There are some nice features.

To become a more public blogger - go to other blogs and leave a message - I posted a comment on my blog. Write the responses. You have to become a blog reader. If you know some bloggers with a high profile, send them links. There are people out there who will read your stuff. But don't get discouraged. A small community of practice / of learning can lead to some excellent discussion.

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