Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Darren Kuropatwa took us on a whirlwind tour of web 2.0 tools. Ten minutes per tool

Fortunately there is a wiki to support the workshop so I did not take as many notes. I have admired the work that Darren has done with his students in Winnipeg. His student blogs on mathematics are a model to follow as is his exploration of wikis with his students.

Here are a few notes:

Furl - 5GB storage space

copies the web (text and links) and saves a personal copy of the page for you.
Furl mates - what are other people saving

Feed windows - getting information automatically from other places.
It would be nice to have a Hitchhikr for specific content areas or specific topics. That way you could automatically bring in tagged articles with a specific subject (e.g. JaneAusten NCLB) This can bring in different points of view for your students to explore. You can create feed windows with feeds from different newspapers to read the current stories from different points of view.

Darren shared 3 feed windows.
Feed windows -
You can see samples of how they look on the wiki.

If you want to know how teachers are using wikis - look at Darren's list here:

The last section of the talk dealt with the cool and ubercool tools that are available. Have a look A number of people have been promoting Flock as the best browser available. It is Mozilla based and has many built in features. (Windows, Mac Linux). Explore the tools - the future is exciting. But be careful you may get whiplash.....

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