Friday, May 06, 2005

Voyage of Discovery

I have been going on a voyage of discovery, but unlike Franklin or Hudson, mine is done virtually in the comfort of my home. No ice floes or hard tack, just sleepless nights and a brain that won't stop processing. In working to produce the ICT Leaders and Learners site (which will be public, shortly) for QESN-RÉCIT I have been filtering through many web sites, blogs, etc. I am now subscribed through Bloglines to 34 feeds ranging from blogs on blogging to e-portfolio to educational technology...... What do I see as important topics? I keep coming across Digital Storytelling. Interesting after the workshops at AQUOPS and McGill. I guess our topic and site were timely. And of course, the whole aspect of social computing. To understand more about it I have started 2 blogs and want to see what kind of response I get to them. This one is for my educational musings, the other for my other passion - Early Music in Montreal. It will be interesting to see who comments and if the audience grows. I have learned to send photos to Flickr which can then be included in an article.

My travels have brought me to the feet of many educational gurus, who unbeknownst to them, have generously shared their ideas. I have not climbed mountains but I have have seen many interesting views.

As I truly believe learning to be a social activity, I hope others will share my musings, reflect back to me and, as they go on their voyages, travel part way with me.

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