Thursday, January 17, 2013

About Me

This voicethread will help you learn a bit about me.

I also have many more interests.
I'm an avid photographer, having really started when I got involved in a photo a day in 2009 on Flickr. I also started a photo blog. Although I no longer post every day, my photo blog continues:

I am very involved in music, especially early music (baroque era and earlier) and play a variety of recorders. Here are some of my instruments.

I'm a reader, a would-be writer and lifelong learner. I hope through etmooc I will learn from and with others, and hopefully, they will learn from and with me!


  1. A very enjoyable Voice thread. I looked at your other blogs and loved the photo blog. I have already forwarded it to my friends who live in Montreal. (I am from the Toronto area :) Sorry!) I now live in Guatemala City where we have Spring type weather year round. Your winter pictures are wonderful. There is nothing like freshly fallen snow.

  2. @Heather Davis Thanks for the comment (even from a Torontonian ;) ). I'm sure it 's warmer where you are -15C at the moment.

  3. Anonymous8:03 p.m.

    Love the pics of the instruments. I remember learning recorder