Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Good How Tos

I have been watching Sharon Betts' presentation on Google Tools. She gives a good step-by-step demonstration on how to use Google Notebook, moving the information to Google docs and then creating a presentation- first with Google Docs' presentation tool and then through Page Creator. The latter can be found in the Google Lab section: tools still in testing stages. It is an easy way to create web pages. I have played with it a bit - found that saving took forever. I have some concerns about the ease with which you can copy and paste from notebook to doc - will this encourage plagiarism?

One suggestion I found interesting was the idea of using a Google group for discussion and reflection.

You can find out more at Sharon Betts' wiki

Google Tools are great for collaborative projects. I use them frequently when working on presentations with colleagues. I have yet to try them with students.

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